About Brite Star World Education


For the first time ever, there is a one-stop-shop for parents and teachers who are serious about helping kids become responsible.

There is no other outlet in the world that can offer what the Brite Star Store is offering through its website and Brite Star Learning Network—which is the one and only complete collection of essential resources that teach character building, values, and living skills to children birth through 13 years of age. These valuable resources include the Brite Star Kids, and multiple authors including their best selling self-help books and eBooks for kids. In addition Brite Star provides family learning, parenting materials, Teacher Guides, original songs, and animated as well as real-life videos.

Simply put, there is not a single childhood need or challenge that cannot be addressed with the timeless resources offered by this website. In addition, parents and teachers can rest assured that every single concept that is put forth in Brite Star World Education products is psychologically, developmentally, and educationally sound on every level. 

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