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The Town of Brite Star is a world of learning and entertainment for families. The Brite Star Socrates Learning Network includes three distinct clubs—The Brite Star Socrates Learning Network, Brite Star Socrates Virtual Learning and The Brite Star Socrates  Christian Academy.

The Brite Star Socrates Learning Network is an interactive website for parents, home schools, day-care centers, preschools and schools for ages 3-12. We feature all the characters that reside in the town of Brite Star. 

The Brite Star Socrates Christian Academy is a collection of Christian books, music, videos and more specially designed for Christian families, Christian homeschools, churches and Christian Schools. It includes everything in The Brite Star Socrates Learning Network PLUS all of our Christian content.

Brite Star TV is a FREE YouTube site that includes all the content from Brite Star Socrates. When you subscribe you will receive notification of all new videos added, a 25% discount on all purchases from the Brite Star Store, eligibility for FREE give-aways from Brite Star and more. This is made possible from your friends at the Brite Star Foundation.

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